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My cam nick:

Hi there,
My name is Alexis st Hill and I am a quite successful webcam model.
I work on cam when I want to and it has become a good source of extra money for me, and I totally need that...!

If you are planing to start a carrier in this business or just wonder if it can be anything for you, read my tutorial here. It may help you to decide. However, it is written for you that already have made up your mind.

I hope this will help you to make a lot of cash! :-)

Don't forget to enjoy!

Your's, Alexis

STEP BY STEP to your success


First of all, open a PAYONEER ACCOUNT. It is a bank account in Belize. Almost every camsite company has a deal with Payoneer and it is the most convinient way to get your money.

After registration, you will recieve a prepaid Master Card that works everywhere, where credit cards are accepted. Your renumeration will be paid on this card. The card is connected to you only trough your e-mail address and credentials you choose yourself. The Choice International, the bank behind Payoneer, is located in Belize. This means that your local tax office will never get your financial information from the bank. Fees you pay to the bank are low, few dollars a month. You do not have to pay anything until you have received some money on your account.

You will need your Payoneer credentials when registering yourself as a model, so it is good to have this account already at that point.

Use this link when applying the card
to get $25 bonus after your card loads with $100




ALL webcam sites require age verification from their models. No models under the age of 18 are allowed, dressed och undressed performing on the cam.  Practically, this means that you electronically sign a contract and provide the company some certain proof that you are over 18 years of age.

You will have to sign a performer contract with each site. Almost every site require that you do not work for any other sites. Just accept this by signing the contract. If you don't work on the sites at same time by using manycam-applications, multipal contracts are silently accepted by all.
The normal procedure is also, that you upload a scanned copy (or a sharp photo of) of your PASSPORT or DRIVING LICENCE. Some other internationally accepted ID-cards are accepted as well. Some sites may require additional identity proof, such as a copy of your library card or similar. Get these files ready so you can jus upload them when needed.

Also, you have to take sharp photo of yourself holding the very same photo ID you have scanned beside your face. Your name on the ID should be readable in the photo.
You will be asked to upload this photo too, when registering. Some sites require even a photo taken with your webcam.

This is how to hold your passport correctly:


Step 3:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ALL persons who are going to appear on your webcam, dressed or undressed, must be registered on each site. If you are planning to perform together with other(s), then ALL THOSE WHO WILL APPEAR ON CAM will need all the documentation and pictures taken as described before.
It is not enough to register an own account and perform under someone else's nick. However, it is good if everybody has an own account.
I suggest that you register everybody on all accounts to avoid problems. If you don't do this, you risk to be banned and all the money you have earned will be confiscated. So please, do this.


There is few good sites to work on. The best ones are listed below.
Just follow the instructions on the site of your choice.


Bongamodels' performers appear on BongaCams is a new fresh webcam site that is growing rapidly. This may be a future top site. Join the Bonga and be a part of this growing business.
Payout up to 50% of token income.
My rating:

CHATURBATE is GREAT site with lots of traffic. There is tons of tools for models to make the the work much more fun than on any other sites. These will help you to earn more money, too.
I higly recommend to join this site.
You decide your rates yourself and get $0,05 per every token (normal minute rate 30 tokens).
My rating:

INTERNET MODELING has some requirements of your looks. They prefer if you are in good shape and that your appearance can be concidered beneficial. If you pass their requirements, you will appear on various camsites and featured sites such as Playboy, Penthouse, Pornhub, Brazzers, Cam4vip, xHamster, Fling, etc. The performers model totally for 40 different websites. To appear on some certain sites may require an additional application.
With a general payout up to 70% of tokens income, is the best paying cam agency in the business.
My rating:

Jasmin is one of the first webcam portals on the net. They still are one of the biggest having a lot of regular customers coming back all the time. Jasmin will require profile photos in studio quality when completing your profile, otherwise they pay you less. Jasmins payouts are good and you don't usually have to wait long time until you are chatting with a paying visitor.
After an intro period you decide your rates yourself and id you become a top performer you can get 80%, however most of the models make 45% of the token income.
My rating:



Step 4: GO GO GO!

It usually takes 2-3 working days for the cam sites to approve your application. Once you (and your co-performers) are approved, you can start making money.

While you are waiting for the sites to approve your application, watch how others do it. See and learn. You might be a master already when it is your time to perform.
Just choose a category below and learn.